Ruby Has is incredibly reliable and fully capable of fulfilling your needs.

It is Ruby Has’ mission to be the vital link between you and your customers. We make it our business to learn your business, adapting to every aspect of your fulfillment service needs to work as a seamless, integral part of your operation, delivering your products to satisfied customers with unerring accuracy. The decision to outsource your order fulfillment needs can seem huge and daunting, but with Ruby Has, it doesn’t need to be so. The most trusted name in order fulfillment business, Ruby Has offers complete fulfillment services, including value-added options, as well as safe and secure inventory storage and hassle-free order return service.

Get seamless sync of your orders, tracking numbers, and quantities from your cart to our WMS.

Send your inventory to our secure warehouse. Your inventory will be stored until your order ships.

Orders are packed securely and with your specifications . Custom packaging and logos are available.

Ruby Has ships your orders worldwide. Orders Received by 2 pm EST ships the same day.

Our Services

As a growing business, you also need flexibility. And at Ruby Has Fulfillment, our services conform to your needs, transforming fixed costs, such as warehouse rent, into variable costs that can easily scale with your business.
Our friendly terms make things even easier. At RHFS, we don’t have minimum order requirements. We don’t have setup fees. You pay only for the fulfillment services you actually utilize, and you pay for them as you go, with no long-term contracts.

  • Complete Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) preparation services.

  • Helping your online enterprise stand up to the brick-and-mortar giants.

  • Integration with eCommerce platforms for smooth operation.

At Ruby Has Fulfillment, we not only provide a low-cost inventory storage solution, our friendly pricing means that you pay only for the amount of storage space you use, whether it’s 10 pallets, one half pallet, or just 1 cubic foot. On top of that, we will never penalize you for slow-moving merchandise.

With our security system equipped with over 100 cameras, and in-house security guards, we can guaranty that your precious products are safe and secure. Every associate that comes in and out of the facility are logged and are required to go through our metal detector devices.

  • Store your products in bins, shelves, pallets or climate controlled storage.

  • Track your orders with our web-based inventory management system 24/7.

  • Automated adjustments of inventory levels.

  • 24-Hour security and controlled access facilities.

Quality Pick & Pack defines the core of Quality Fulfillment Services. It must be FAST, EFFICIENT and ACCURATE. It requires Robust & Innovative Technology coupled with a quick-minded and detail-loving Process Architect. It requires an ever-evolving Process that will guarantee that each item is allocated and picked from the same location without inventory discrepancies.

Our Warehouse Management System is a pretty awesome tool in keeping our mistakes to a minimum and prompting our Warehouse Team in case there is a potential error. We pride ourselves to be 100% accurate in our inventory and Pick and Pack processes. The only way to keep this amazing accuracy is to designate 1 SKU per bin. That will allow us to speed up the Pick and Pack process and make inventory management effective and error-free. You would certainly not want to deal with a negative feedback and returns of the wrong item. Neither will we! We are your operations force and our primary function is to minimize your every-day headache.

  • Sophisticated warehouse staff that knows your product & your requirements.

  • Fast and efficient processing of consumer (B2C) and commercial (B2B) orders.

  • Custom packaging with your company’s logo upon request.

  • Professional packaging and packing protocols for your order.

  • Automated and error-free picking procedures.

  • Free stock packaging.

It’s time you regained control over your shipping needs.

Whether your customers require overnight delivery, or are satisfied with slower delivery in order to save on shipping costs, we offer an affordable, dependable solution. eCommerce sellers are able to take advantage of shipping partnerships we have established in order to save time, money, and to make their businesses more competitive online.

USPS Cubic Pricing provides high volume shipping customers discounted rates for small, heavy packages. Priority Mail packages weighing less than 20 pounds and measuring no more than 0.5 cubic feet in volume are eligible for Cubic Pricing as long as you meet the minimum package requirements. For these packages, customers will pay shipping costs for the actual size of the package and the shipping distance instead of its weight.

Compared to other shipping carriers such as FedEx and UPS that only offer pricing based on weight and distance, USPS Cubic Pricing is a great alternative to help lower shipping costs. In order to qualify for Cubic Pricing, customers must ship over 50,000 packages a year.

All we do is win

Ruby Has’ Call Center is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of client programs including inbound customer service, Live chats and email inquiries for both B2B and B2C clients. We offer the latest technology to ensure your call center services are delivered with professionalism, expertise and a pleasing attitude. Our Contact Center ensures your clients get top notch service to address all their concerns including warranty information, merchandise returns, questions about policies and procedures, etc.

Regardless of your service needs, Ruby Has delivers the highest quality call center services to help grow your market share and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Ruby Has provides world-class customer support across a multitude of industries including consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, personal and hygiene care, jewelry, apparel, eyewear, etc. We understand the importance of each customer and strive to provide excellence with every interaction. Ruby Has works with your staff to develop an excellent service solution that matches your sales goals, marketing objectives and brand integrity. While Ruby has provides 1 unique US/Canada-wide toll-free number to your company at no additional charge, our center has an option to provide daily summary reports, monitoring and support of all calls/escalations, creation and maintenance of call flow scripts, recordings, and call data reports.

Seriously, we do

Turnkey Solutions

Your customer service channels are a direct extension of your brand. Therefore during the account setup, your client services executive will guide you through the setup process, program your account, and work with internal operations and training departments to ensure efficient implementation. With an assigned training manager and a number of experienced coaches, Ruby Has provides one on one training to each call center agent for your account.

While we integrate each of our client’s specific system and 1-800 ownership to our own systems, with training and technology behind your account,your success starts here. Once your campaign goes live, it is just the start of your long relationship with Ruby Has.

Your Client Services Executive will remain proactive in your account and constantly monitor and review the account to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

To learn more about how Ruby Has can help build your brand experience, reduce costs and improve your contact center performance, feel free to contact us for a free assessment.

Shopping Cart Integration

As a leader in eCommerce fulfillment, we have pioneered easy-to-use technology that provides online merchants with visibility and control.

Our web-based fulfillment software allows you to check inventory, orders and shipments from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Our software integrates with the industries most popular shopping carts and systems, allowing your orders to flow seamlessly into our Fulfillment Control Panel. From there, our team quickly picks, packs and ships your orders with over 99.9% accuracy, all while keeping you and your end customers in the loop.

Using a custom built shopping cart? We have our API documentation ready for download below if you ever need to integrate your website or any other application that you can think of!

Ruby Has have made what used to be a huge headache a no brainer. Fulfillment once plagued our company with problems, from customer service nightmares to failure to manage our inventory properly. With Ruby Has we feel completely at peace.

Michael MichaelsonChief Operating Officer, SheThinx

The high level of security and trust I have in your team, allows me to concentrate on business development and marketing without being overly involved with the logistic side of the business.

Dror HarelChief Executive Officer, Galilee Tisanes

They are clear in their messages, understand our needs, work with us closely and are prompt in completing shipments of all kinds. The Ruby Has facilities are also excellent

Pawel GojChief Financial Officer, Signed Pieces

The team at RubyHas is extremely responsive, and they always go above and beyond to make sure our needs are met. The transition to RubyHas was seamless. They took care of everything for us. Thank you RubyHas.

Igor DarmograyChief Financial Officer, Time Pieces Now Ltd.

Ruby Has Fulfillment helped us when our company started growing exponentially and we had no capacity to sustain the growth

Josh KatzPresident, Authenticglasses LLC

As it's been a little over one month since we started working together, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! I know the first few weeks were a little rocky (as to be expected) but you have all been incredible to work with and I am so happy to have signed on with Ruby Has.

Sara RicklenFOUNDER & CHIEF POLISH OFFICER, Pretty Please Nail Polish

I had no idea what we were doing 4 months ago, and thanks to Ruby Has, we
have been able to successfully grow our business and presence in the US. We
especially appreciate your quick turn around times, thorough understanding
of logistics, and taking the time to explain issues then working to resolve

Andrea BanyaiPartner, One11 Imports

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